Cafeteria Plans
Wingspan Cafeteria Plans

Looking for a way to save? Let Aflac Group make tax savings available for you and give your employees the savings they deserve by offering cafeteria plans. Aflac Group partners with distinguished vendors to administer flexible benefits programs.

Our partners ensure speed and simplicity of administrative systems.

Helping Employees Save Money Is Simple.
  1. Employees sign up for the flexible spending account plan and estimate the amount of anticipated out-of-pocket medical expenses for the year.
  2. Then, employees have the corresponding amount deducted in equal installments from each paycheck.
  3. As employees incur medical or dependent care services, they submit paperwork (or use their issued debit card) and get reimbursed with their own tax-free dollars.
The Bottom Line

Not only do you enhance your employee benefits plans by making Aflac Group plans available to your employees on a pre-tax basis, but you actually save money too. Extend your offering and savings with unreimbursed medical (URM) and dependent day-care flexible spending accounts (FSAs).

To learn more about how we can help you save more money with our flexible spending account plans, call us at 1.800.764.3768 and ask for Aflac Group's cafeteria plans.

*Cafeteria plans are administered by Chappelle Consulting Group.