Wingspan Enrollment Solutions
You can help your clients educate their employees on their benefits options and simplify their enrollment process with WingspanSM Enrollment Solutions.
Enrollment Made Easy

Wingspan Enrollment Solutions provides a variety of enrollment options that fit your clients' business needs:

  • One-On-One Laptop Enrollment
  • Call Center Enrollment
  • Web Self-Service Enrollment
Communication Made Simple

Do you want to help your clients explain the value of their benefits package to their employees?

Wingspan Benefits Communication provides:

  • Employee benefits statements to help your clients' employees understand the value of the benefits they receive.
  • Customized communications to educate employees about the benefits available to them.

Whether your clients' employees are enrolling in core benefits, Aflac Group voluntary plans, or a combination of any ancillary benefits, Wingspan Enrollment Solutions is the answer for your business.

To learn more about Wingspan Enrollment Solutions, call us at 1.800.99.AFLAC (1.800.992.3522).