With Aflac Group, you choose the enrollment method that best fits your needs.

You have complete flexibility with Aflac Group when it comes to enrollment. Select Web, self-service, call center, face-to-face, voluntary only, or the entire core package—it’s your choice. You can choose to use our proprietary systems or decide to work with one of our national enrollment firms. And, you can always use your own enrollers or enrollment partners if you wish.

We strive to make our enrollments a hassle-free experience for you, your clients, and their employees. We offer the following enrollment methods:

  • One-on-One Laptop – A professional enroller will guide and assist employees in understanding the Aflac Group plans being offered. And you can select from multiple options when it comes to enrollers:
    • Use our certified enrollers to save licensing, appointment, and training time.
    • Use our certified enrollers on a per diem basis.
    • Work with one of our national enrollment firms.
  • Call Center – We can provide a professional and fully trained call center to sign up employees over the phone.
  • Web Self-Service – We work with leading enrollment firms to facilitate an efficient and cost-effective online environment where employees can select the plans they choose to enroll in.

Enrollment Guidelines for Aflac Group Plans

Core Benefits Enrollment

If your client is looking for a new process for educating and enrolling employees on the entire core benefits package, Aflac Group can help. We use multiple firms to provide options for enrolling all benefits in addition to the Aflac Group plans. Based on the case, enrolling core benefits via Aflac Group could result in cost savings for you and your client.

Enrollment Guidelines for Core Benefits With Aflac Group Plans

Enrollment Firms

Aflac Group is proud to work with many of the industry’s top enrollment firms, and we are adding new ones all the time. Regardless of what type of enrollment need or educational challenge you have, one of these firms will have the solution.